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All Traveler Must Have This Jacket

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Imagine a jacket that had a neck pillow, blindfold, gloves, even blankets. Not just an imagination, because soon this jacket will be available in the market. Want to buy?
His name Baubax Jackets made by Hiral Sanghavi, a traveler who often buy pillows neck at the airport. Considering how many pillows neck that he bought, his wife proposes to make a jacket with a neck pillow that can be blown.
Then, Sanghavi added 14 other features are roughly needed by the traveler. Quoted from CNN, Wednesday (08/07/2015), there is a blindfold and earphones storage place in hoodie
On the inside of the chest area, there are pockets for sunglasses are made with fiber material that can clean the glasses itself. Then there is a storage area or a stylus pen. On the inside right chest, there are pockets for passport, cell phone pouches and pockets for charger.
In the abdomen, there is a tablet or mobile storage. Unfinished, in the left abdomen area, there are also pockets that can be folded small blanket. On the hand, there are gloves that can be drawn when cold.
Currently, the design is still on display in the Kickstarter to collect the first buyer. There are 4 types of jackets to choose from. The first is a thin windbreaker and anti wind and waterproof. Then there are anti-wrinkle blazer. Then there was the sweatshirt is made of warm socks. Lastly there are more similar bomber parka.
Interested? If it has been produced, it costs about USD 89 to USD 120. It's still cheaper when compared to buying a bag or purse with the usefulness of each.

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